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Marine Production & Restoration

Mirka® offers a comprehensive range of products for various marine applications. From boat manufacturing, including high-end yacht production, to boat refurbishing and restoration, Mirka® can deliver. 

When your boat needs maintenance and refurbishment, Mirka®’s complete product portfolio can take you from start to finish. Our innovative refurbishing solutions give you better results with fewer steps.

Production solutions

Mirka’s marine production solutions have been dedicated to the perfect finish, from working with the plug and mould to the final polishing of the gelcoat – from small scale to high volume production. We offer convenience with no compromises, from small boats to high-end yachts.

Maintenance solutions

When the time comes to pay attention to your boat’s appearance or start a complete refurbishing, Mirka’s complete surface finishing range is there for you. Speed up any restoration process with our innovative solutions and award-winning tools.

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