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Slipson™ Abranet® MAX 125mm flap discs
Slipson™ Abranet® MAX 125mm flap discs

Slipson™ Abranet® MAX 125mm flap discs

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Slipson™ Abranet® MAX 125mm abrasive flap discs deliver unparalleled performance for grinding and sanding aluminium and other non-ferrous metals and composites.

No other abrasive material is able to match the speed and stability of removal or maintain the low grinding surface temperature like Slipson™. The cooling effect is due to the Abranet® MAX polyamide symmetric net structure, which creates a linear air flow between the abrasive and the surface.

The cut is constant and fast, as the net material does not clog. The removed material is dispersed by the net, so it does not lump together, melt and stick back on the sanded surface. The sanding process is also gentle due to the elasticity and flexibility of the polyamide net. 


  • Non-loading
  • Fast and stable removal
  • Blue-fired aluminium oxide grain provides high performance and cut rate
  • Cooling effect
  • Extreme long life compared to conventional abrasives
  • Saves time and money - a one step finishing solution to reduce costs
  • Practical and lightweight

Technical specifications

Abrasive grain type: Aluminium oxide
Backing: PA net
Bond: Resin over resin
Coating: Closed
Colour: Brownish
Grit range: P40-P240

Suitable for

Aluminium and all other non-ferrous metals
Carbon fibre