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MIRKA® Galaxy

The ceramic grains of MIRKA® Galaxy are engineered not to dull, as once the edge of the abrasive grain breaks off it simply forms new edges, making it possible for the Galaxy to continue cutting – from edge to edge. The self-sharpening ceramic grains allow for a winning combination of long life, fast cut and easy polishability. Thanks to the optimised Multifit hole configuration, the abrasive is always correctly placed on any machine without the need to specifically align it. At its core, the MIRKA® Galaxy is a multi purpose product, suitable for the sanding of both soft and hard materials as well as various substrates. Superb edge wear resistance, excellent clogging resistance, dust repellent coating, and optimal dust extraction - the MIRKA® Galaxy serves well in the automotive sector, in vehicle manufacturing, collision repair, marine production as well as in the wood sector.
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