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We are Australia's home of MIRKA®

For almost 80 years, MIRKA® has been at the forefront of surface finishing technology. When it comes to an excellent finish, MIRKA® has the passion to exceed expectations. Mallee Agencies is your MIRKA® partner in Australia.

Mallee Agencies is your dedicated MIRKA® partner.

Australia's most comprehensive range of Abranet®

Non-sticking. Self-sharpening. Long-lasting.

Try the new Mirka® Galaxy abrasive. Sand faster and longer, with a clogging-resistant coating and the new Multifit hole configuration that will let you sand without dust.

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Abranet® ACE

Abranet Ace is designed for tougher and more demanding sanding applications. With its higher edge wear resistance, optimized net construction and ceramic grains, Abranet Ace offers superior cut and performance especially for hard wood, solid surface materials, fillers, primers and hard clear coats.

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Abranet® SIC NS

Abranet® SIC NS is a multifunctional net abrasive without stearate, developed mainly for glass sanding, but is also suitable for sanding of other hard surfaces like primers, clear coats and composites.

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Abranet ® Heavy Duty

Abranet® Heavy Duty is the discerning choice where conventional abrasives fail. The ultra tough nylon mesh backing material creates a more even abrasive surface, which produces a consistent surface finish far more quickly.

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Abranet® MAX

Abranet Max is a universal net abrasive suited for a broad variety of sanding applications and is especially developed for the wood industry. Due to the net structure it resists clogging on resinous wood types and soft materials, and the sanded surface stays cooler and avoids burning. 

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Abranet® Soft

Abranet® Soft is designed for levelling and structuring primers, top coats, gel coats and clear lacquer. It’s intended for both hand and machine sanding. It is also suitable for pre-polishing lacquered surfaces. Coarser grits can be used for intermediate sanding by hand of lacquered wooden surfaces.

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Fiddes Oils & Waxes

For over 100 years, Fiddes has been caring for wood with a range of quality finishes and coating solutions. Mallee Agencies is an authorised distributor of Fiddes timber oils and waxes.

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MIRKA® Abralon®


MIRKA® Novastar

Novastar® tackles demanding surfaces with unexpected ease. The remarkable cut of Novastar® in coarse grits and outstanding surface finish of finer grits gets the job done faster in fewer steps. This tough premium film abrasive is made to last and keeps you sanding longer. The new precision coating practically repels dust, so there is no clogging.


MIRKA® Mirlon

A flexible, three-dimensional fibre sanding material that is easy to use on profiled surfaces and produces an excellent finish, thanks to its special structure. Mirlon ideal for matting of surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next lacquer layer.


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