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MIRKA 77mm pad saver

MIRKA 77mm pad saver

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These MIRKA pad savers for 77mm MIRKA backing pads have a 3mm protective interface.

MIRKA's pad savers are designed to protect the backing pad from wear and tear, when sanding aggressively and continuously with net products. These cost effective pad savers, placed between the backing pad and the sanding disc, should be changed regularly. The pad savers prolong the life of the backing pad.

User instructions:

  1. Match the pad saver hole pattern to the backing pad by locating the matching holes on the pad saver to the locating spots on the backing pad.
  2. Apply and press the pad saver firmly to the backing pad. Fasten the abrasive to the pad saver.
  3. Place the sander on the object to be sanded and then start the sanding machine.